Active Gaming & Machine Dance Products

Positive Gaming is the global leader and pioneer in developing multiplayer machine dance systems. The iDANCE2 Multiplayer system represents our premium brand, a top quality product designed for professional usage and for all those who want to utilise the dance games concept in the best possible way.

In the further development of our product line, we created the iSTEP Multiplayer system as an entrance level product, which contains many elements of the iDANCE2 game, but represents a simpler and more affordable solution.

Positive Gaming professional dance platforms come as the natural choice not only with Positive Gaming's product but also with many other dance games.

We believe that with Positive Gaming's product line we have managed to offer this positive dance game with numerous diverse benefits to customers of many profiles and that everyone will find a solution which fits their needs and possibilities.   

We are happy to be able to say that Positive Gaming products are available to everyone.

You just need to ACTIVATE YOURSELF!

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