iSTEP Multiplayer System

iSTEP Multiplayer System

System description 

iSTEP Multiplayer system is Positive Gaming’s entrance level dance game, designed as a simpler and more affordable solution compared to our premium brand iDANCE2. Nonetheless, it contains numerous elements of the iDANCE2 game and offers players a high-quality introduction into the dance game, towards gradual upgrade to a more professional solution, iDANCE2.

iSTEP is a dance game, designed for use with personal computers, running Microsoft Windows.

It features 25 hit songs from the Positive Gaming iDANCE system, as well as 25 brand new songs. iSTEP facilitates up to 4 players at a time in a multiplayer mode.

Another game mode allows two players to play on individual difficulty levels. iSTEP uses the wired Impact Arcade dance mats, shares many elements with iDANCE and also has many new ones. It follows the high standards of iDANCE every iSTEP of the way.

iDANCE uses red colour in its logo and iSTEP uses blue, the whole judgment system is the same, the games are meant to boost each other and grow together with new features, upgrades, music etc. coming out along the way.

There is a possibility that the option will be given in the future where an iSTEP customer can simply upgrade to an iDANCE system, if a bigger system is needed.

The idea is that iSTEP is a big step towards iDANCE, although iSTEP is a product that can also fully hold its own. 


System includes:

2-4x Impact Arcade wired pads

2-4x control boxes

1x Positive Gaming iSTEP USB memory stick

1x SG Lock security dongle

1x USB hub with 3m extension cable

1x User manual 

AV Options:

Soon to be released


  • Introductory system
  • Minimal setup
  • Real-time, individual performance feedback
  • Suitable for all ages and abilities
  • Up two difficulty levels simultaneously
  • Upgradable software and hardware

Ideal for:

  • Schools
  • Fitness studios
  • Youth clubs
  • Activity centres

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