How iSTEP Works

How iSTEP Works

iSTEP is one of Positive Gaming's active indoor games designed for players of all ages. It is fairly easy to use both for kids and adults. Arrows, which are synced in beat with the music, are projected onto a screen and scroll towards a target area. Players follow the dance steps, i.e. arrows, by stepping on the correct arrow panels of dance mats when an arrow lines up exactly with the target area. In this way a dance mat, which is connected to the system via wired control box, registers a correct step through a pressure sensor contained in the arrow panels of each dance mat and provides the player with an instant result feedback through the screen.

Listening to the music carefully makes it easier for players to follow and understand, as arrows reach the target area always in beat with the music. Accuracy of any step is determined by two dimensions: position and timing. Stepping on the correct arrow position (left, right, up, down) and achieving as exact a timing as possible ensures a better score.

Easy to handle:

  • The system is mobile, requires minimum set-up time and also minimum dismantle time after playing, which ensures multi-functionality of spaces where iSTEP Multiplayer is used
  • Easy installation DVD; security dongle for effective and user friendly protection   
  • Software created on guidance from iDANCE2 enables easy game conducting through keyboard or dance pad by Player One
  • High quality wired dance pads of only 9 kg weight  (~ 19.9 lbs), produced from high quality and durability honeycomb plastic designed especially for frequent usage (schools, fitness centres, etc.); ease of handling, ensure reliability and high level of precision during game play
  • Easy connecting of wired dance pads through standard USB hub
  • Pads are scratch- and spill-resistant with no sharp corners; minimum maintenance required
  • Easy integration into any space/corner as it does not require big spaces
  • Possibility of connecting to different types of screens (PC monitor, TV, projector) and audio equipment according to the needs


Advantages for programme leaders:

  • iSTEP system and programme leader are partners in successful conducting of game play in an entertaining way
  • Possibility of splitting players into two difficulty levels tracks (different complexity step charts) ensures good quality training without limitations for individuals while using the same song
  • Highly balanced game through 23 game levels, using iDANCE2 game design, enables stimulating progressing of players and planning of each game session
  • Programme leader is in full control of the system through the Player One dance pad option or keyboard (programme navigation, pre-setting of programmes)
  • Programme leader has an option of assigning additional help to a chosen difficulty level group through turning on of assist tick or metronome beat through a keyboard
  • Standardised programme ensures continuous game play quality through results feedback in real time and 100% accuracy of the final result and ranking
  • Follow up of each player during the game through achieved percentage and accuracy indicator (three star levels by colour and position) and individual statistic lists of stars and combos at the end of each game
  • Ensured support for quick education of programme leaders through iSTEP manual
  • Possibility of running tournaments and competitions
  • Knowledge and experience, which programme leaders gain through conducting iSTEP game, creates substantial advantage when transferring to iDANCE2 system trainings with bigger groups

Advantages for players:

  • iSTEP system offers continuous and standardises way of playing, with support of programme leaders through group or individual approach, offering possibility of different ways of competing
  • Possibility of choosing difficulty level, which enables good quality playing and continuous progress regardless of other players’ playing levels
  • Top quality wired dance pads of only 9 kg weight (~ 19.9 lbs), ensure easy handling; designed for ease of playing (insteps allow for excellent orientation on dance pad) and sensitivity of arrow panels enables 100% accuracy of steps; small rubber feet ensure no movement on different type surfaces
  • Easy connecting of wired dance pads through standard USB hub
  • 25 hit songs from Positive Gaming iDANCE as well as 25 songs brand new to dance games created by machine dance artists from all over the world
  • The software contains five step choreographies for each song, rated in a difficulty rating system from 1 to 23 to give new players an easy way to get into the game as well as challenge the players with years of experience in playing dance games 
  • Step charts provided by leading world players and professionals from dance game communities; step charts are methodologically elaborated and highly balanced with logical body movements, which reduces chances of injury to minimum
  • High precision of acquired scores, up to two decimals
  • Follow up of scores through percentage and total ranking during and after a gameplay
  • Additional help through star indicator of steps accuracy during the game and individual statistic lists of stars and combos at the end of each game
  • All acquired skills on iSTEP are fully transferable to iDANCE game play

Choices of play:

One Player - Only one dance mat is active with one player, who can choose song, difficulty and modifiers. The game can be controlled by the dance platforms and keyboard.

Two Players - A game mode for 2 players playing one song. Each player can choose the desired difficulty and modifiers. The game can be controlled by dance platforms

and keyboard.

Three or Four Players - A game mode where up to 4 players can play. All 4 players take part in the same song, difficulty and modifiers. The game is controlled only by

the keyboard, or when enabled in options, Player One can control the game using their dance mat.

On the result screen players can check their results and keep track of their progression. Players can see the number of 1-, 2-, 3- stars they have earned and their maximum combo (the number of consecutive arrows they managed to press without mistake). In the 3-4 Player mode players can see a ranking box in the middle centre of the screen.

You can press [Print Screen] key to take a screenshot of this screen. The screenshot will be saved in My Documets/iSTEP/ScreenShots. This can be useful when you register a good score and want to keep a record of it.

Minimum requirements:

  • Single- or multi-core CPU with frequency of 1.5GHz and above
  • 1GB RAM
  • 2GB of HardDisk space
  • DX9 compatible graphics card
  • Windows 2K, XP, Vista or 7

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