What is Machine Dance?

Machine Dance is a computer-controlled motion game in which the players move their feet according to the directions indicated by the arrows on a screen.

These movements should be performed with the greatest possible precision on a dance mat that is equipped with pressure sensors. The dance mat registers the movement and provides immediate feedback regarding the accuracy of the movements that are carried out by the player.

The accuracy is determined and recorded based on two dimensions: space (proper motion) and temporal (right timing). Various music selections and many difficulty levels provide an offer ranging from very simple arrow patterns/combinations with slow cues to highly complex arrow patterns/combinations with ultra-fast cues. The overall quality of a completed song is considered the "percentage level", and this percentage reflects the accuracy on both dimensions - all movements are correct in both direction and timing.

Ole Petter Høie, Founder and Director of Positive Gaming BV, explains the concept of Machine Dance gameplay and recommends equipment for different types of users.



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