The Benefits of Active Games

Active games have become an exceptionally popular form of exercise among all generations in the last decade, and each new generation of exergaming equipment is more sophisticated than the previous one.

Dance games and other vigorous forms of active gaming offer a wide variety of benefits to players – physical activity benefits, video game benefits, and cognitive and social benefits  -- and have several significant advantages over traditional forms of aerobic exercise and fitness: they are more entertaining, more interactive, more convenient, and they make it possible for children, adults and seniors to play and exercise side by side regardless of their competence level.

iDANCE and other active dance games are designed to combine the best of two worlds: the world of fitness and the world of video gaming. To learn more about how these two complement and improve each other, read our article about The Benefits of Exergaming.

And you can find out more about the benefits of exergaming for specific age groups below:

  • Benefits of Active Games for Children
  • Benefits of Active Games for Adults
  • Benefits of Active Games for Seniors


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