Vear Machine Dance Project - Report

School Health Services in Stokke, Norway conducted a study on machine dance in 2006 with the goal of finding alternative ways to increase the level of physical activity among primary school children during the school day and to motivate them to exercise more.

Inspired by GetUpMove, a project that focused on the use of dance games in American schools and yielded very good results in engaging children in exercise, the School Health Services carried out a similar project of their own at Vear Primary School with the help of Positive Gaming. The aim was to see if machine dance would produce the same results in a Norwegian school.

The project lasted from November 2005 to June 2006 and included 6th and 8th grade students. The students had a dance game introduced to their school timetable and Positive Gaming provided an instructor for their machine dance game In the Groove. Feedback was almost unanimously positive, from the pupils, teachers and parents alike.

Hans Jorgen Nyland, a 6th grade teacher, reported that, "Machine dance has increased the level of physical activity among the pupils considerably, and I see that most of them are in a little better physical shape now than before we started the project. Another thing I have noticed is that when the pupils come back to the classroom from a machine dance session, they are in good spirit, get quickly on with their school work and work harder and [are] more focused."

For more details about the study, see the document below.

Vear Machine Dance Project - Report

277 B • PDF • From: 16. June 2006

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