Positive Gaming History

Positive Gaming History


July 2012

The new Positive Gaming corporate website is launched.

June 2012

iSTEP shown in USA at Games for Health conference in Boston.

April 2012

Positive Gaming introducing iSTEP at FIBO 2012 in Essen, Germany.

Positive Gaming at FIBO 2012 showcasing iDANCE2.

IPON 2012 organisers invited Positive Gaming to be a part of the biggest ITC conference in Holland. Both teachers and children from Dutch schools showed great enthusiasm for iDANCE2.

March 2012

Positive Gaming at Expodidàctica 2012 in Barcelona, Spain - first official appearance with iDANCE2 in the Spanish market.


September 2011

iDANCE 2 shown by Pulse Fitness at LIW in Birmingham.

April 2011

Gopher showed iDANCE 2 at National AAPHERD in San Diego.

January 2011

iDANCE 2 wins 4 awards at the TEN awards


September 2010

iDANCE shown by Pulse Fitness at LIW in Birmingham.

May 2010

The Norwegian school project was started, using iDANCE 2 and its’ player tracking tool.

April 2010

iDANCE2 was launched.

March 2010

iDANCE 2 shown at IHRSA in San Francisco with Gopher.

iDANCE 2 shown at National APHERD in Indianapolis with Gopher.


October 2009

Positive Gaming pre showed iDANCE 2 at Club Industry West show in Chicago with Exergame Fitness, with 16 pads and a hug projector.

iDANCE 2 was pre showed with our Korean distributors in Seoul, South Korea.

September 2009

Positive Gaming pre showed iDANCE 2 at LIW in Birmingham with Pulse Fitness.

May 2009

Positive Gaming signed agreements with Dileno and Exergaming Australia.

April 2009

Pulse Fitness showed iDANCE at FIBO in Essen.

The Netherlands-based company Connect and Play launch their new show room for exergames in Europe and have the Positive Gaming iDANCE multiplayer system as an important part of their portfolio.

April 2009

Gopher Sport had Positive Gaming iDANCE as one of the focus products on their booth at the National AHPERD Trade Show in Tampa Bay, Florida.

March 2009

Positive Gaming signs a distributor agreement for the Middle-East markets with Dubai-based In Motion Electronic Games Arcade Company and sucessfully launch the Positive Gaming iDANCE Multiplayer System at Qatar during the official Olympic School Day for the Middle East.

March 2009

Our Partner iTech Fitness featured Positive Gaming iDANCE as the main product during the Ihrsa 2009 Trade Show in San Francisco, California.

January 2009

Gopher Sport chose the Positive Gaming iDANCE multiplayer system as the foremost product to highlight in their portfolio for 2009 as well as being showed on their catalogue's front page. Additionally, Positive Gaming iDANCE will be shown by Gopher at a number of school trade shows in the US during the coming year.


December 2008

Positive Gaming signs a master distributor agreement for the US market with Gopher Sport for the new Positive Gaming iDANCE Multiplayer System.

November 2008

The first version of the Positive Gaming iDANCE software was released and immediately became a big hit on the UK market.

October 2008

During the CIW fitness show in Chicago, Illinois, Positive Gaming iDANCE has been show for the first time in the USA. This has been the kick-off event for the cooperation with our Partner iTech Fitness.

September 2008

Relaunch of www.positivegaming.com, which got a complete new layout and information profile, and launch of www.idancegame.com, the dedicated website for Positive Gaming iDANCE.

September 2008

First public appearance of Positive Gaming iDANCE during the LIW 2008 in Birmingham, UK on the booth of Pulse Fitness.

September 2008

Positive Gaming, Pulse Fitness and Wellness UK signs exclusive master distributor agreement for the UK market for the new Positive Gaming iDANCE Multiplayer System.

April 2008

During the successful Positive Gaming Machine Dance European Championships 2008 in the Netherlands with participants from 15 countries, the name of the new dance game was announced: Positive Gaming iDANCE

March 2008

Positive Gaming introduces their product line to USA for the first time at IHRSA 2008.

February 2008

Positive Gaming proudly announces the revolutionary new professional Impact series of dance platforms. Developed over the last 2 years, these dance platforms incorporate qualities never seen before outside of the arcades. Fine-tuned accuracy, low weight (under 10 kg), extreme durability, easy to handle, all rounded edges, arcade style and interchangeable parts are only a few key words to describe these new platforms.


November 2007

Plans for the release of a new four panel interactive machine dance game software in the autumn of 2008 are announced.

July 2007

Agreement signed with Arrowdance B.V. from Holland regarding the manufacturing of Positive Gaming's new series of Impact Multiplayer and Arcade dance platforms.

July 2007

Brainstorming to determine features for Positive Gaming iDANCE took place with 14 participants from 6 different countries, thus establishing an annual tradition for ensuring continuous and new top features in iDANCE.

July 2007

Positive Gaming started successful partnerships with Wellness UK Limited and SHOKK Limited for distribution of multiplayer systems to the UK market.

June 2007

New software development project is fomed as a new branch of Positive Gaming, joining together top dance game experts from 7 countries and thus forming the most specialized dance game software team in the world.


December 2006

Started to sell the new wireless 32-player Positive Gaming Fitness Multiplayer to Europe.

August 2006

Organized the third Machine Dance European Championships with athletes from 15 European countries participating. Organized the first Machine Dance World Cup.

August 2006

Started to sell the new machine dance game called In The Groove for PC/Mac in Europe.

January 2006

First showing of the wide spectre of machine dance products for different sectors at the ATEI 2006 in London at the Positive Gaming sales stand.

January 2006

Signed a European distributor agreement with Roxor Games Inc. for several In The Groove machine dance products.


November 2005

Helped organizing the second official Norwegian Championships in the machine dance sport.

September 2005

Partnered up with Cobalt Flux Inc. to produce dance pads in Europe.

June 2005

Successfully helped machine dance becoming officially recognized as an international sport and dance outside of Norway.

March 2005

Organized the second European Positive Gaming Cup with athletes from 14 European countries participating.

March 2005

First showing of a working prototype of the machine dance Multiplayer solution to the media and the public.

January 2005

Delivered a working prototype of the machine dance Multiplayer for testing in a leading fitness studio in The Netherlands.


November 2004

Starting developing the machine dance Multiplayer prototype.

October 2004

Organized the first official Norwegian Championships in the machine dance sport.

April 2004

Organized the first European Positive Gaming Cup with athletes from 10 European countries participating.

April 2004

Succseefully helped machine dance becoming officially recognized under the Norwegian Dance Federation which is a member organization of The Norwegian Olympic Committee and Confederation of Sport. This means that machine dance is registered as a sport code in Norway like football, skiing, etc.

February 2004

Organized the first European test tournament in machine dance in London with athletes from United Kingdom, Norway and Italy.

January 2004

Succssesssfully placed out over 40 dance machines (mostly in bowling halls) and covered almost all of Norway from the far North to the far South. Thereby making Norway the country with the highest amount of dance machines pr. citizen in the world.


December 2003

Supported the founding of the world�s first official sports club in machine dance in Oslo, Norway.

October 2003

Founded the first Norwegian machine dance community website.

April 2003

Organized the first un-official National championships in machine dance.

March 2003

Delivered a dance machine to the Big Brother-show on national television, giving machine dance the first major media attention.


September 2002

Imported the first two dance machines to Oslo, Norway. Started organizing local tournaments.

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