Kyle Ward joins the Positive Gaming team!

09 - 07 - 2009

Kyle Ward joins the Positive Gaming team!

Positive Gaming is pleased to announce that Kyle Ward has joined the Positive Gaming team!

Kyle is a very talented artist and a well-known legend in the dance gaming community. He will contribute to the team in many ways, which include travelling to Europe to spend time with the iDANCE Version 2 development team. In addition, Kyle will be involved in the planning of many events this year and will be performing concerts at select events.

He brings to the team a vast amount of experience and expertise that will complement the unique collection of talented individuals who already comprise the Positive Gaming team.

Some of Kyle's notable achievements include:

Dance Game Legend

- Andamiro Entertainment: Key member in development of game content (Steps/Music in Gameplay) for Pump It Up Jump (for kids)

- Roxor Games: Composer/Audio Engineer/Content Manager (Steps/Music in Gameplay) for In The Groove & In The Groove 2, which was identified as the best earning dance game of all time by Playmeter Magazine in June 2006

- StepMania: Member of Development Team for Audio/Step producing

- Fun In Motion: Composer/Audio Engineer/Content Manager (Steps/Music in Gameplay) for Pump It Up Pro.

- Event Involvement: Helped Positive Gaming run and prepare the ITG World Championship in Oslo Norway and has helped organize several ITG based events during & after the series lifespan.

Successful Music Artist

- Kyle's group, Oscillator X has had top ten success on major radio networks (KNHC Seattle, KVTI Tacoma, WMPH Willmington, KRYC Yuba City & Dance Radio Network), the group's song, Dynamo was the number 1 requested song for 7 weeks in a row on c89.5fm Seattle and was released on Ultimix 147 (, a very popular DJ mix series targeted to DJ's containing the Hottest music of the month.

- Synthsations CD - #1 Best Selling CD of all time on (2001,, hit title Caddywhompus released on in January 1999.

Alias Music Projects

- KaW (Trance/Dance, Sorrow, Minor, Melodic, Moody) - BPM typically 130-155

- Smiley (Happy Hardcore, Happy/Uplifting) - BPM typically 150-180

- Inspector K (Aggressive Techno, Drum & Bass) - Angry/Upset/mean/ruthless - BPM typically 155-210

- Banzai (Tribal/House/Ethnic/Melodic, Mysterious, Ancient) - BPM typically 100-130

- Kbit (Techno/Rave, Lofi/Chiptune, Acid) - BPM not defined

- Symphonious (Orchestral/Symphony/Choral, Classical with new age twist) - BPM not defined


- Co-founded Space Case Industry Recordings with Partner, John Mendenhall. SCI Recordings is a brand new USA based music label focusing on dance music awareness in the USA.

Additional Talents

- Graduate of Art Institute of Seattle for Video/Communication

- Experienced camera operator/video technician (ELN Communications & Best Taste Productions)

We are excited to have Kyle as our newest member and believe his involvement will further enforce Positive Gaming's position as the leading dance game company in the world. Please join us in welcoming him to the team!

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