Management Change at Positive Gaming

18 - 09 - 2014

Management Change

We would like to inform all our business partners, players and iDANCE fans, as well as all those who have followed the work of Positive Gaming and supported our positive project, that there has been a change in the company's management this month.

Mark Damave is stepping down as Managing Director, and Ole Petter Høie, the original founder and previous Managing Director of Positive Gaming from 2001 until 2011, is taking over at the helm, through the role of Founder / CEO.

Positive Gaming is still going to have its' headquarters in Haarlem in the Netherlands, with the same team, led by Mark Damave and Roy Homan, running hardware development, manufacturing, orders, logistics, technical support etc. The main change is that Ole Petter Høie and his team will be in charge of all distribution, marketing, software development and new business opportunities in general, like Ole used to be until the previous management change in 2011.

The company is ready to face new challenges and focus on further growth and development of its' business, as well as to work on new software upgrades and product releases.

Ole says, about his new position in Positive Gaming: "After 3 years of working in the background, I am very excited to be back at my old position and as the main driving force to build Positive Gaming and iDANCE into the future. I am truly grateful for how well Mark, Roy and the others have managed to keep the company, its' distribution, vision and concept fully intact these last 3 years, and look forward to working hard to maximize on all the opportunities that are there for PG at the moment."

Stay tuned for more news about Positive Gaming and iDANCE, there are exciting times ahead!

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