New iDANCE brochure

14 - 03 - 2016

New iDANCE brochure

We are happy to present our new brochure for iDANCE. In the past most of Positive Gaming's iDANCE sales have been towards schools, after school facilities, YMCA's and other types of facilities that would be able to purchase iDANCE through public funding, and otherwise towards the fitness industry.

This iDANCE brochure is made with focus on family and entertainment facilities, as we have found a way to make iDANCE fit very nicely into such locations as well, including party centers, laser tag arenas, bowling centers, arcades, amusement parks, sports bars and restaurants, and for almost any location that hosts groups and events.

We are excited about all the opportunities this brings us, and it is with great pleasure that Positive Gaming returns to the markets we first started at through arcade dance machines, now with a concept for using iDANCE that is expected to create great fun and excitement for individuals and groups of all kinds around the world.

In addition to customers, we are looking for more distributors, dealers, sales agents and people that help us to introduce iDANCE to locations in their area around the world, please contact us at if you are interested. 

Positive Gaming iDANCE brochure

5.96 MB • PDF • From: 14. March 2016

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