Event Report: IHRSA 2010

13 - 04 - 2010

Event Report: IHRSA 2010

Event Name: IHRSA 2010 (International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association)

Event Dates: March 16th - 19th, 2010

Event Website: http://cms.ihrsa.org
Event Location: San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, California
Event Description: The annual IHRSA International Convention & Trade Show draws thousands of industry professionals for four days of education and networking opportunities. The remarkable, and still growing, international attendance has established the IHRSA event as the premier international program for the health club industry, both in the US and in the overseas marketplace.

The exciting official release of the much anticipated Positive Gaming iDANCE2 software recently took place at IHRSA 2010 in San Diego, California. Members of the Positive Gaming team gathered with some of the nation's best dancers to demonstrate the robust set of features that reside within the new Positive Gaming iDANCE2 software. The Positive Gaming iDANCE2 system, which was shown in cooperation with our partner, Gopher Sport, drew constant attention from the show floor - the wide selection of new music and general excitement generated by those playing was a highlight of the event.

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On many occasions during the show, people brand new to the concept of a multiplayer dance system played alongside some of the most experienced dancers in the nation through the utilization of the multiple difficulty levels simultaneously. Features such as pause and rewind allowed demonstrators to teach the concept to those attendees that were new to it - just as a teacher would teach a group fitness class. The event was a huge success in many regards and Positive Gaming would like to thank everyone that aided in such a successful release!


"The Positive Gaming iDANCE2 Multiplayer System adds a new dimension to dance games and was created in a manner that gives it the potential to have a positive influence on some of society�s largest problems, including obesity." said Ole Petter H�ie, Managing Director of Positive Gaming AB. "The user benefits are not only confined to physical benefits; cognitive and social developments are also possible through the use of our system and our software, and I am proud to be behind the release of such a remarkable system with a potential that reaches further than what regular exercise and games have done until now."

About Positive Gaming iDANCE2

The Positive Gaming� iDANCE2 Multiplayer System concept is a revolutionary exergaming system that was designed specifically for environments such as fitness centers, schools, YMCAs, park districts and leisure centers. It is unique in many facets including the fact that it provides the user with a combination of physical, social and cognitive benefits and that it wirelessly accommodates up to 32-players at once on up to 3 separate difficulty levels with real-time performance feedback.

For additional information on the new software and the system, visit: www.idancegame.com
More information about Gopher Sport: www.gophersport.com

Please send any questions or comments on the event to: emily@positivegaming.com

Press Release - Positive Gaming iDANCE2 Multiplayer

The members of Positive Gaming, the original creators of the multiplayer dance game concept and software, iDANCE, are thrilled to announce the release of the much anticipated Positive Gaming iDANCE2 software!
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