EYE 2014 Highlights

30 - 05 - 2014

EYE 2014 Highlights

EYE 2014, the European Youth Event 2014 hosted by the European Union inside the European Parliament in Strasbourg in France, is just over. A very strong performance by the PG team at the workshop; management, operation, training and dancers, 2 days of intense fun for participants and lots of interest from impressed media and executives.

Highlights outside of all the excitement of the workshop participants included a 10 minute visit by the EU commissioner Vasillou, who is commissioner for education, youth, sports and culture; a number of personal conversations with EU parliament staff members from assorted countries, executives from several EU countries, other conference organizers, national tv stations from France and Germany, as well as multiple youth media channels from across Europe.

The panel discussion concerning games for educational purposes went very well (I will see if we can create some clips from video footage), over all it was important for the conference organizers that Romain Ginocchio and myself (Ole Petter Høie) were there, and it was a lively discussion with many good thoughts also from the spectators. It also gave us a chance to connect with the other panel members and moderator, they all work with games and ideas for educational purposes via digital platforms.

This is the best event we at PG have done since many years, if not ever. And hopefully it will open many new doors!

I want to thank everyone on our team, this was such a united and successful effort, it really felt like one big family, both when we were at the event and socially as well 

The contributors for PG on site were on the one side the team running the workshop, including Basilius van Houte, Selina Brown, Michael Evans-Taylor IV, Stefan Nothaas, Michael Markus, Óscar De Zayas Lamelas, Daniel Lobato García, Jean-Marc Charpentier, Romain Ginocchio, Kajal Vadgama and Anna Maria Gorny 

The management and techincal / logistics team included Mark Damave, Glen Budgen, Jeremy Mckeown, Ravi Vadgama and Ole Petter Høie 

We are looking forward to explore all the possibilities that opened up during EYE2014!

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