iDANCE in Moscow opens up the Russian market

01 - 05 - 2012


Russian Fitness Festival, held in Moscow from 24 - 26 April 2012, is the most significant event in mass physical education and fitness in Russia, CIS and Baltic Countries. Its mission is to popularize and develop healthy life-style in Russia and by doing this, it attracts each year more than 16 000 of fitness professionals, trainers & instructors, businessmen, students, PE teachers, children and people, who lead healthy lifestyle.

We are pleased to announce that Positive Gaming’s iDANCE2 Multiplayer has been presented for the first time in the Russian market by company Atus Pro (Sefta), our master distributor, and had this excellent opportunity to be part of this impressive festival.

It was reported that iDANCE attracted much of attention, both by school children and their PE teachers, as well as by fitness enthusiasts. Atus Pro will be working on schools and fitness markets in Moscow and wider area, creating a tailored approach for the Russian market.  

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