Positive Gaming UK and Pulse Fitness at LIW 2012 - a report from Birmingham, UK

22 - 09 - 2012

Positive Gaming UK and Pulse Fitness at LIW 2012

Positive Gaming and Positive Gaming UK, had a productive week with their UK reseller Pulse Fitness at LIW 2012. The Stand was busy throughout the three days, with the Positive Gaming iDANCE2 multiplayer system in constant use, drawing in the crowds.

Groups of children were bussed in each day from a local school, specifically to use the dance mats. They had such a brilliant time and they had to be asked to take a break to eat and drink, otherwise they would have played on the system until their feet could move no longer!

iDANCE2 was also used as a centre piece for the Show in the Specialised Exercise Theatre, where Positive Gaming UK’s John Julyan ran classes and showed the different ways the system could be used, including fun games, competitions and a great routine from our top players, swapping mats throughout one of the songs.

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