Positive Gaming iDANCE @ FIBO 2009

28 - 05 - 2009

Positive Gaming iDANCE featured at FIBO 2009, the world's largest fitness trade show!

The iDANCE wireless multiplayer system from Positive Gaming was recently featured at the world's largest fitness show, FIBO 2009, in Germany! Positive Gaming's distributor, Pulse Fitness, a premier fitness company, showcased the system in one of the prime locations of the main hall. The iDANCE system was undoubtedly one of the biggest attractions!

For the duration of the event, people collected around the booth to witness iDANCE in play and experience the fun first hand. Several of the world's best machine dance players flew in from different parts of the world to help promote the system at such an exciting event.

iDANCE at FIBO 2009 was hugely successful and very significant as it marks the first time in history that an exergaming product has been given such recognition within the fitness market outside of the UK - its proof of the product's relevance to maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle.

Emily Rosenberry, Business Manager @ Positive Gaming AB:

"The excitement generated by iDANCE was like nothing else at the entire show. It was really an impressive display in one of the most prominent locations at the world's biggest fitness trade shows! For me, the most memorable thing was seeing all of the attendees from the show light up with excitement when they saw the system - most of them were exhausted from walking, but their expressions always changed to a huge smile when they came to the booth. It's certainly an experience I'll never forget!"

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