iDANCE LE tested at water park in the Netherlands

14 - 09 - 2013

iDANCE LE tested at water park in the Netherlands

This summer, Positive Gaming tested iDANCE LE at a water park in the Netherlands called Dutch Water Dreams, in cooperation with our partners Connect and Play. The web site of Dutch water dreams is

The test was meant as the initial way of measuring the interest for iDANCE LE at such a kind of facility, combined with obtaining user and facility feedback to find out any improvement requirements needed in order to optimize iDANCE LE as a product.

The test went very well. The feedback from the facility was very positive, iDANCE LE was used by a wide range of age groups, and the test gave us a chance to do some smaller adjustments to the software, hardware and ways of instructing a new user as to how to use the game.

This test was an important step for Positive Gaming as well as our partners Connect and Play on the way to releasing iDANCE LE in an optimal way.

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