iDANCE in Hotel Heppie in Wolfsven Geldrop-Mierlo, the Netherlands

26 - 07 - 2012

iDANCE in Hotel Heppie

Recently opened Hotel Heppie in Wolfsven Geldrop-Mierlo, the Netherlands, is a unique place for all children who are deprived in some way for whatever reason.

For example, if they grow up in poverty, if they no longer live at home, or have already challenging responsibilities because their parents are seriously ill or addicted, or if they suffer from disorders like ADHD or autism, have problems with establishing contacts, which makes them sometimes socially excluded, Hotel Heppie is a place where during a holiday or weekend they can have fun, enjoy, play together and get positive attention.

Heppie provides an environment with plenty of sports and active games and is perfect for children to forget their worries and give them the time of their lives.

Thanks to the effort of 500 volunteers Foundation Heppie is able to work with over 1700 children aged 6-18 years every year. Heppie receives no public funding and is entirely dependent on voluntary efforts, donations and fundraising activities.

Positive Gaming is happy to be a part of this impressive initiative through partnership with Embedded Fitness and we hope that all the children will have a blast with their iDANCE2 Multiplayer located in the e-fit room of this amazing new centre.

For more information about Heppie foundation and Heppie Hotel visit and


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