iDANCE seniors workshop with Judy Shasek

06 - 07 - 2012

iDANCE seniors workshop

Judy Shasek is working with senior population on a pilot project with iDANCE Multiplayer in Central Oregon.

Judy says: „It is all about the ability iDANCE gives for cardio-balance-cognitive development fully CUSTOMIZED for every level. The songs connect with every generation I've worked with so far. The step choreography makes so much sense to the seniors, they rarely end up on the "wrong foot" unable to do the next combo. Funny that they notice that when the kids don't.

They LOVE the energy from the kids and also that they can enjoy the same songs at the same time. They REALLY love watching when the level 10 and up players use the remote and slow down the arrows to learn patterns and quick blue arrows. The seniors can't do that level but appreciate its being in the same game they can play.”


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