1st Christmas iDANCE tournament in Croatia in 2010

01 - 12 - 2010

In December 2010 the team iDANCE Croatia organised the first official Croatian tournament for adults under the name “1st Christmas iDANCE tournament Mrak korak”. The tournament took place in the premises of club Mrak korak, where 21 competitors, both girls and chaps, showed their machine dance skills. Nine of them fought their way to the finals and Croatia got their first senior winners in iDANCE game, in both in men and women disciplines.

All competitors previously gained different levels of trainers' licences, which were developed by the team iDANCE Croatia. This created foundation for a systematic development of exercising and competing in all age groups. At the same time this is also a very concrete proof that iDANCE is a game for all ages, which can ensure its sustainability and expansion both through fun and professional tournaments.

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