iDANCE and iSTEP at events all over France in 2015

20 - 12 - 2015

iDANCE and iSTEP at events all over France in 2015

Positive Gaming's French partners Hi-Tech Fitness, headed by Jean-Marc Charpentier and Francois Malleus have done an amazing job in promoting iDANCE and iSTEP in 2015.
Here are some events in France in 2015 that included iDANCE:

Salon Européen de l’Education in Porte de Versailles (PARIS): iDANCE was on UFOLEP booth. Unfortunately we have no images, because it was too crowded. UFOLEP is an association providing activities (sport based) to kids after school hours and during vacations.

Boston Scientific sales Meeting in Barcelona (Spain) on January 29th, 2015: iDANCE was key, 16 dance mats were in constant use, and challenges between teams from the different countries were organized

EDF in Porcheville (Ile de France - France) on May 30th, 2015: iDANCE was in constant use, and was the only activity where also adults could participate. This was an event for all the employees and families and friends of people working in the Electricity Plant of Porcheville (EDF = Electricité de France, a historical French Electricity supplier)

City of Gruchet le Valasse (Normandy – France) on June 7th and November 15th, 2015: This was a summer city event which also takes place in the fall for a Game trade show. iDANCE with 8 dance mats was in constant use, with kids and adults queued up to play all day long. 

City of Rueil Malmaison (Ile de France – France), October 11th, 2015: iDANCE had its' own booth for the harvest festival in City of Rueil Malmaison. iDANCE was the activity that attracted the largest diversity among the visitors. The organizers were very satisfied, and the city used pictures of iDANCE on their Twitter account during the day of the festival."

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