iDANCE as a new offering at laserspace centers in Spain

28 - 01 - 2016

iDANCE as a new offering at laserspace centers in Spain

We at Positive Gaming are excited to have found a new way of introducing and utilising iDANCE that is applicable for a big potential number of new facilities. Our Spanish distributor that owns the Laserspace Multi Activity concept has started offering iDANCE as one of the different activities being offered at these centers.  Laser Space attracts a lot of company parties, birthday parties and other groups, and iDANCE is offered as an extra group activity at the centers. Judging from the interest that has come as a result from this, we expect that iDANCE soon will spread to laser tag centers around the world.  

This has also inspired us at Positive Gaming to develop a new way of offering and using iDANCE which will apply to a big amount of potential facilities that we will roll out very soon, more information will follow. 
To check out the Laser Space web site, please check:

"Because iDANCE is social and fun for girls just as much as for boys, it fits exactly into the kind of new, dynamic activities we offer at the Laserspace multi activity centers.“ 

Bas Zwartendijk - owner Laserspace Multi Activity Center concept.

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