Succes for iDANCE and iSTEP on the North American market

20 - 12 - 2015

Succes for iDANCE and iSTEP on the North American market

Positive Gaming's U.S. partners Exergame Fitness have been busy in 2015, and keeps offering, selling and installing iDANCE and iSTEP systems to facilities like schools, YMCA's, U.S. Army camps, fitness clubs, park districts etc. We wish to congratulate Exergame Fitness with the success they bring via our products, and look forward to see what our partnership will result in for 2016.

Here follows a link to a recent blog post made by Exergame Fitness regarding iDANCE and iSTEP: Exergame Fitness Blog

A quote from the blog article:
“iDANCE has been enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of kids and adults around the world since it was first released in 2008. Being the original and market leading dance game multiplayer system since its’ launch, iDANCE offers a fun and stimulating form of group exercise. The unique part about the type of exercise iDANCE offers is that the desire to do it more often and to keep improving is driven by the excellent and exciting game, music and rhythm features that make the participants forget that they are even exercising. This leads to great workout sessions which can help a user improve stamina, speed, balance, brain/body coordination, all in an environment where fun with others is at the center.”

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