iDANCE used for childeren's rehabilitation at hospital in Lithuania

29 - 04 - 2016

iDANCE used for childeren's rehabilitation

Positive Gaming's Lithuanian distributor, Medlinkas UAB, assisted the Kaunas Rep. Hospital in Lithuania to obtain a grant that enabled them to purchase iDANCE, This was the first iDANCE system we know of that has been installed at a hospital anywhere, and it was also the first iDANCE system introduced in Lithuania. iDANCE will be used in the children's rehabilitation sector of the hospital, where they among other rehabilitation programmes offer an obesity rehabilitation programme.

Therapists are happy to see that the newly obtained iDANCE system is attractive for their patients. iDANCE co creator and product expert Basilius van Houte was present on the first day the iDANCE system was in use, trained the staff and engaged the children. As expected, the children were inspired to move when using the iDANCE system. Hospital specialists think iDANCE is a great tool to increase physical activity and were excited about the possibilities it can offer to increase physical activity for obese children as well as preventing methabolic syndrome, diabetes mellitus and other diseases that are connected with being overweight. The specialists are hoping that iDANCE will attract more children to come to their Rehabilitation sector for this attractive physical programme.

Here follows a video from the first day of use with Basilius:

We at Positive Gaming are excited about the opportunities this can create for children's rehabilitation in Lithuania and around the world, and hope this is the start of a new trend within iDANCE and exergaming.

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