Agis and active gaming in Dutch schools

22 - 08 - 2012

Agis is one of the largest healthcare insurers in the Netherlands and they want to help children and adults to achieve a healthy lifestyle through what they call E-fitness (another name for exergaming), a combination of sport and gaming, which improve one’s fitness level through more exercising.

This year Agis partnered with Embedded Fitness, Positive Gaming’s reseller for Holland and, among other motion gaming products, also included iDANCE in their project called E-fit school competition.

This competition consists of four parts in which students aged from 8 to 12 years measure their strength, coordination, speed, agility and endurance in playing different games and compare their scores online with classmates and peers from other schools.

The children who participated in the E-fit finals 2012 experienced an exciting, sporty afternoon with a rousing finale show.

This is an excellent example of how big companies direct their funds into socially useful projects and also manage to create symbiosis of promotion and approaching to target customers. Agis and Embedded Fitness carried out this project on an exceptionally professional level and for sure have left trace in the community.

We have two video clips for you to watch - one about the E-fit finals and the other is Agis' latest commercial with a significant title - "Knowing what is going on". :)  

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