Exergaming and iDANCE showcased at Suffolk Zone 2012 NYS AHPERD Conference

10 - 11 - 2012

Exergaming and iDANCE showcased at Suffolk Zone 2012

The NYS AHPERD, which stands for New York State Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance, has been hosting the Suffolk Zone event for the past couple years and its aim is to show physical educators new and effective ways of getting students active and healthy. This year the event was hosted at Sachem School District where they have a staple physical education program, being leaders in adapting new methods of fitness.

Our master distributor for the US, Exergame Fitness, was there to demonstrate iDANCE Multiplayer and other products from their programme range.

As reported by Jeff Dammann from Exergame Fitness the event was a success having physical educators and college students playing on iDance, who were impressed with the amount of physical activity needed. Experiences so far tell that the school is absolutely thrilled to have iDance. They used it with their middle school classes already and said it was a big hit with the kids. They love the fact that they can move it from school to school in the cases, rotating between PE departments and the PE instructors that teach the classes are very excited to be implementing group dance.

During their demonstration session Exergame Fitness team demonstrated the product durability, explained how the system works and that it is also designed for hard use by dance games enthusiasts. Read more about this event in Exergame Fitness blog.

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