iDANCE in the Des Plaines Teen Center

22 - 11 - 2011

iDANCE in the Des Plaines Teen Center

On November 9, The Des Plaines Park District installed a new Positive Gaming iDance multi-player exergaming system. The purchase of this new fitness game was made possible by a grant from The Office of Juvenile Justice. “For the past several years, the Teen Center has incorporated games that encourage children to leave the computer screen and get physical,” said Karyn Roth, Recreation Supervisor.

“The new iDance fits perfectly with the Park District’s core focus of bringing fun fitness activities to our youth,” said John Hecker, Executive Director for the Des Plaines Park District. “The iDance is unique, in that it allows for up to eight dancers of varying skill levels to participate side by side without compromising the development of any other players.”

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