Positive Gaming Markets

Positive Gaming products are created for application in different environments and types of markets, ranging from educational institutions, day care centres, fitness studios, medical and therapeutic institutions to tourist resorts, leisure facilities and teambuilding centres. Benefits of Exergaming in the areas of physical activity, cognitive development, health improvement and social issues are shown at their best through Positive Gaming products, and in order to show this more vividly we have grouped four different types of markets for a better perception of our products’ wide range of applications.

Four main markets in which Positive Gaming products can be implemented are: Schools, Fitness, Medical, Fun & Events.

Additional subcategory, which can be comprised in each of the highlighted markets, is a concept of Exergaming. Positive Gaming products can function both independently or as a constituent part of such concepts, together with other Exergaming products.         

Examples from our partners and distributors worldwide show versatility and adaptability of our systems, and help you reinforce your decision on acquiring a Positive Gaming product that suits your needs.

Find out more about our products iDANCE2 and iSTEP Multiplayers and how the multiplayer dance game concept works in practice. 

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