Active Games & Interactive Fitness for Schools

Active Games & Interactive Fitness for Schools

The schools market is the first that recognised the concept of our interactive fitness products, and this is proved by an impressive number of iDANCE systems sold in all continents. Positive Gaming products iDANCE and iSTEP improve participation levels in PE classes through incorporating fun active games with physical activity. Children do not even realise that they are exercising, yet their heart rates are raised and their coordination, sense of rhythm, fitness level, and physical endurance are continually being challenged and improved. Some researches have also found a connection between playing active games like iDANCE or iSTEP and improvement of cognitive capabilities in math and reading because the brain uses the same patterns in both cognitive processes. Read more about benefits of active games for kids!


iDANCE and iSTEP systems can be integrated into school curriculum activities through PE classes or occasional classroom exercising,  or used for extra-curricular purposes at breakfast and lunchtime clubs, different fun events, and fund raising projects through tournaments, humanitarian initiatives and similar.

In the Schools market both iDANCE and iSTEP can function independently or as a constituent part of an Exergaming concept, together with other Exergaming products.

Our customers in SCHOOLS market:

Primary schools, high schools, colleges and other educational institutions.


Find out more about our products iDANCE2 and iSTEP Multiplayers and how the multiplayer dance game concept works in practice.



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