Dance Games & Fun Active Games

Dance Games & Fun Active Games

Positive Gaming products have wide application in the Fun & Events market as, like other active games, they successfully meet elements of fun and competition, which are essential for successful business models in this type of market segment. iDANCE and iSTEP systems do not require time demanding preparations as they involve a simple plug and play concept. Additionally the dance game systems do not require pre-knowledge for players, which makes them excellent fun for all age groups, who can simultaneously engage in the game during the same song. This ensures fun for the whole family and for people with different skill levels.


The iDANCE Multiplayer system is mobile and quickly ready for usage due to easy storage. It is safe for transport as a robust transport case is available as optional equipment.

If the system is used accompanied by a video projector and a quality sound system, it creates a very attractive atmosphere, great both for spectators and players.

The iDANCE Multiplayer system is an excellent tool for different company or products promotions due to the attractive atmosphere it creates and number of people it attracts.

At the moment there is a variety of known business models with application of iDANCE in this segment worldwide.

iDANCE brings a standardised programme of entertainment, which is easy to set up and conduct on the basic level with minimum education for the instructor. Additionally, all events can be held in both closed and open spaces.

The iDANCE system can excellently fit into any facilities doing business in fun and events segment since simple promo tournaments and competitions can be easily created and fit into their regular programmes, which brings additional attractiveness and uniqueness. 

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In the Fun & Event market both iDANCE and iSTEP can function independently or as a constituent part of an Exergaming concept, together with other Exergaming products.

Our customers in Fun & events market:

Leisure centres, day care centres, shopping malls, promotional and marketing activities, team building, birthday parties, tourist resorts, cruisers, fund raising, charities, summer camps.


Find out more about our products iDANCE2 and iSTEP Multiplayers and how the multiplayer dance game concept works in practice.


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