Fitness Games & Workout Games

Fitness Games & Workout Games

Application of iDANCE and iSTEP systems in the fitness market opens the door to innovative, hi-tech group exercising.

The iDANCE Multiplayer system enables an independent business concept or a separate corner as part of the existing fitness centre concept. The advantage of the system is its mobility, easiness of set up and storage, which enables maximum usability, i.e. multi-functionality of available space. Since the system requires a relatively small amount of space, it is possible to use it at spots where some other group fitness activity has not been manageable previously. The system is also expandable through purchase of additional dance pads.

iDANCE classes may be offered as a separate activity of group exercising or additional complementary activity within a fitness centre’s offer.


Since it enables a standardised way of exercising, the iDANCE system represents a sort of a trainer’s ally and enables him/her to be more focused on each individual player, which is not the case in traditional group exercising. With workout games like iDANCE, the possibilities for trainers are numerous as each trainer can create his own programmes through a variety of teacher’s tools in the iDANCE system.

Within fitness centres the iDANCE programmer can be used both for recreation purposes and conditional training for sportsmen.

The great value of the iDANCE system lies in its application to all age groups. Along with fitness programmes for adults, fitness games and exercise programmes for children and seniors can also be developed. Programmes for children can represent an additional offer accompanying adult fitness programmes, which enable both parents and children to engage in the same activity and exercise at the same fitness facility.

Since the iDANCE system has the power of bringing people together by incorporating elements of fun and competing, additional entertaining tournaments and socialising are always an option. This represents an important possibility element for fitness centres.

The iDANCE fitness programme has characteristics of aerobic and cardio training, which efficiently improves the condition of cardiovascular and respiratory systems, while it simultaneously accelerates the burning of fat tissue from the whole body. Most importantly, all of this happens while players are moving to the music and having enormous amount of fun regardless of age group.

iDANCE and iSTEP are entertaining and motivating workout games that combine dancing and exercising and represent a great way to work out your whole body. Feedback on success of playing in real time is provided during the whole game (song) and the rankings are displayed all along, which lends a competitive feature to this dynamic activity.

The iDANCE Multiplayer supports playing at different difficulty levels at the same time, which is extremely important for group trainings, where players can exercise together regardless of their predispositions or current level of playing ability.

Application of iDANCE system in aerobic trainings enables the reduction of fat tissue under the skin, forming the muscles and the overall improvement of health condition without risks of injury.

Trainings with the help of iDANCE and iSTEP systems can pass into an anaerobic regime at some point, which increases endurance levels and along with it the fatigue threshold. This is extremely important for students and working people who want to improve their physical condition and readiness for challenges during their work day.

An additional benefit of the iDANCE and iSTEP fitness training for all age groups is that it helps release the stress accumulated during the day and lets you exhaust yourself without having the impression that you have been in a demanding training.


Benefits of iDANCE and iSTEP systems in FITNESS programmes:

  • Maintaining your health
  • Improving physical endurance
  • Burning calories
  • Reduction of fat under the skin
  • Weight loss and health of cardiovascular system
  • Muscles forming
  • Releasing of stress through dynamic exercising
  • Improvement of cognitive capabilities
  • Extremely fun activity behind which is a demanding training

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In the Fitness market both iDANCE and iSTEP can function independently or as a constituent part of an Exergaming concept, together with other Exergaming products.

Our customers in FITNESS market:

Fitness studios, gyms, sports centres, sports clubs, recreation centres, hotels, touristic resorts, cruisers and other.

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