Health Games & Interactive Fitness for Health

Health Games & Interactive Fitness for Health

The medical and therapeutic market represents a highly potential and interesting market for Positive Gaming products, as interactive fitness for health is becoming increasingly recognised globally as a form of fitness and aerobic exercise, and as health games are steadily growing in market share. It is understandable that such programmes are developed at a slower pace than commercial programmes, because we are dealing with a sensitive area of activities.

At the moment, there is a number of projects worldwide that are being conducted and developed and we believe that iDANCE and iSTEP systems have big potential through their application in this niche market in the near future.


Application of iDANCE and iSTEP systems for medical and therapeutic purposes ensures beneficial effects on a number of conditions regardless of age group:   

  • Obesity and disease prevention
  • Treatment of type-2 diabetes with regular motivating physical activity
  • Prevention of heart diseases
  • Delay or prevention of dementia with seniors
  • Improved balance and coordination, developing ability to prevent falls
  • Building self-confidence
  • Neurological disabilities such as autism, dyspraxia and dyslexia – through improvement of brain and body coordination, concentration, spatial awareness
  • Milder form of cerebral paralysis

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In the Medical market both iDANCE and iSTEP can function independently or as a constituent part of an Exergaming concept, together with other Exergaming products.

Our customers in Medical market:

Hospitals, medical institutions, rehabilitation centres, spas and wellness centres, centres for special needs, retirement homes and other.


Find out more about our products iDANCE2 and iSTEP Multiplayers and how the multiplayer dance game concept works in practice.


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